Recently Forbes Magazine released its “32nd Annual World Billionaires” issue. In this issue, the net worth of various people from around the world is calculated in an effort to see who is the richest of them all. Many of us will likely never make it onto Forbes’ list but fear not, your “net worth” is incalculable. Many measure their worth by their material possessions or accomplishments. However, God says our worth has absolutely nothing to do with how much money we have in the bank or whether or not you can dunk a basketball. Our true worth is seen in the actions of the Almighty towards us. When God created the world, He made some spectacular things but none of the created things could compare to that which was made on the sixth day. On that glorious day, The Father said to the Second and Third persons of the Godhead, “let us make man in our image after our likeness,” Genesis 1:26. This beautifully designed world boasts some of the most amazing animal and plant species. From the depths of the oceans to the skies above we are surrounded by testimonies of God’s brilliance. Yet, these pale in comparison to the creation of mankind. We were created differently than the plants and animals. We were given something they can never possess, the image of God. No other species on this planet can claim the character traits of God, and no other species can boast a soul that will go into eternity (Cf.1 Peter 3:20). At the core of our existence is seen our great worth in the sight of God. Our lives meant something before we had anything. If this is all we had to prove our worth it would be sufficient, but the Bible is a bottomless well overflowing with information that further proves this point. When the crown of God’s creation fell into the muck and mire of sin (Genesis 3:6-7) God spared no expense to save us from its clutches. The Bible tells me that The Father gave up His “only begotten” so that I might be saved from my sins (John 3:16). Furthermore, the Second Person of the Godhead left the riches of heaven for poverty in this world (Matthew 8:20). He left eternity for the temporal, He put off an eternal spiritual body for a transient physical body (Phill.2:6-8). He came not to be ministered unto but to give His life a ransom for us (Mark 10:45). This was done from eternity (Ephesians 3:10-11), it was purposed and planned while we were yet sinners (Romans 5:8). Our worldly accomplishments did not influence Him nor did our earthly possessions move Him to action. Were we worthy of such great sacrifices? No! Nevertheless, God thought we were worth it. While the world fawns over the rich and famous and attributes worth to themselves and others based on those criteria, let us be reminded of the words of Jesus: “… one’s life does not consist in the abundance of the things he possesses.” Luke 12:15. If you never make it onto Forbes’ list of Billionaires don’t fret you are worth more than all the money in the world (Mark 8:36-37).