I often hear my brethren pray for our service men and women who are protecting the privileges that we so richly enjoy. I think it’s only proper and right to thank God for those who give their lives so that we might enjoy worshipping Him in freedom. Another group of people that I believe deserve our prayers, thanks and appreciation are all those who serve in the Kingdom of Christ. The apostle Paul thanked a number of Christians by name for their service in the Kingdom. Greet Tryphena and Tryphosa, who have labored in the Lord. Greet the beloved Persis, who labored much in the Lord, Romans 16:12. So, in the same vein allow me to thank all those who labor in the Lord’s church for the glory of God. Thank you, Bible class teachers, for spending countless hours and sometimes your own money preparing visual aids and lessons for our children. Thank you, custodians, for making sure the building in which we worship is always clean and safe. Thank you, treasurers, for taking care of the financial aspects of the Lord’s work. Thank you, Elders, for watching over the souls of the flock. Thank you, Deacons for your tireless service in the Kingdom. Thank you, preachers, for being instant in season and out of season. Thank you, members, for having the church fellowship in your home and for giving your time, efforts and money for the cause of Christ. Thank you, missionaries foreign and domestic, your tireless efforts to preach the Gospel to all nations is a great example to us all.  Thank you, young people, for your love for Lord, it encourages us more than you know. Thank you, local congregations who continue hold up the banner of truth in your communities.  Great thanks to all that serve in the Kingdom in whatever capacity. I know you don’t desire praise, I know you don’t seek accolades but know that you are appreciated and prayed for all the time.